With a 4p-a-litre increase expected in the wholesale price of petrol over the next few days, it's highly likely these increased costs will be passed onto motorists.

Whilst it's inevitable these costs will hit the pockets of British motorists, there are some clever fuel saving hacks you should know about to get more miles for your money.

Slowest Speed, Highest Gear

You may already be familiar with the idea that driving in your highest gear at the slowest speed reduces the amount of revs used and uses less fuel as a result. The ideal speed for fuel economy is thought to be 55/56mph in your highest gear, and this formula is often used for manufacturers to quote fuel figures.

Less Fuel = More Miles

You may think that filling your tank every time you see your fuel light is the best course of action, but if you're an urban driver frequently pottering around Beverley and the surrounding areas, it may actually be more fuel efficient to only drive on half a tank at a time.

Go Easy on The Gas

For optimum fuel economy, all acceleration should be gentle. The harsher you are with the right foot, the more fuel you'll be burning; we're looking at you, boy & girl racers!

Apply the Pressure

Keeping tyres inflated to the recommended pressure will ensure fuel economy is kept to it's optimum level. Did you know just a 1 psi drop in pressure could lower your fuel mileage by as much as 0.4%? the tyre pressure for your vehicle can be found in your owner's manual - keep them inflated!

Lose Some Weight

From your boot that is! We know lots of motorists are guilty are carting around a load of unneeded stuff in their boots. Just 25kg in your boot could increase fuel consumption by 1% - so get rid of anything hanging around that isn't a motoring essential!

Ditch Air Con

As you probably know, air conditioning uses engine power and affects your fuel consumption, so only use it when it's really necessary. In summer months, consider opening your car windows 10 minutes prior to getting in your vehicle to allow it to cool down.

Don't Pay For Premium

In the UK we're lucky that the fuel sold on our forecourts is some of the best quality in the world, so don't get conned into paying for a premium fuel. If you drive a regular vehicle with a normal-output engine, normal unleaded or diesel will do the job just fine - you won't notice any benefit from using higher octane premium fuels!

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