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Easter Driving Tips

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Planning to travel over the Easter Break? We all love a bank holiday and with the Easter break upon us what better way to spend your time than sat bumper to bumper arguing with the family, if this is for you then follow our tips that might save one or two arguments. The AA says every time there's a national holiday, 14-18 million cars are on the roads headed for a getaway break, so if you are planning to be part of the mayhem then here’s some helpful tips to follow to make sure your vehicle is in tip top condition

1 Tyre pressures Check your tyre pressures are all ok, over inflated or under inflated tyres can result in premature tyre wear, all garages have high pressure lines that you can use and normally the tyre informatinn can be found either on a sticker inside the drivers door or in the vehicle handbook.

2 Fluid levels topped up Ensure that all your vehicles levels are topped up and ensure if not then you are putting the right fluids into the right place, we have instances when oil has been put into the screen wash and vice versa, making sure that especially your oil level is correct can save you money in the long run buying engine oil from motorway service stations can cost you 40% more than obtaining from your local motor factors.

3 Warning triangle/ Tool kit Ensure that you have a warning triangle in the worst case event that you break down this will enable you to warn other drivers with notice that there is danger ahead and both protecting your car and more importantly yourself and your passengers, never stay in your car if it breaks down stand at the side of the road away from the vehicle.

4 Sunglasses/ Clean screen Keep your windscreen clean, use your sun visors and have a pair of sun glasses in the car the rare occasion that we do get some sunshine make sure your prepared.

5 Keep the kids happy Make sure the kids have plenty to keep them busy in the car with games or toys make sure they are busy so as not to distract you from driving.

If you would like your car to undergo a free spring/summer check at Beverley Motor Works then give the team a call on 01482 881128 and one of their qualified technicians can give you piece of mind that your vehicle is ready for your Easter break.

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