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Condition Based Servicing (CBS)

The BMW accredited technicians at Beverley Motor Works are able to reset condition based servicing systems using a vehicle diagnostic connector, along with gathering further information about the state of CBS items from their modules on the CAN network.

What is CBS?

Introduced in 2002 to coincide with the launch of the then new 7 series model, Condition Based Servicing is now a standard feature on most new BMW models.

An evolution of BMW's service indicator system, condition based servicing aims to create a flexible but economical maintenance schedule.

What are the benefits of a CBS system?

Unlike the previous service indicator system which used fixed time and distance service schedules (including days and miles or kilometres), the CBS system is an intelligent feature which gathers information from sensors fitted around the vehicle.

This allows for more flexibility and ensures that parts aren't replaced whilst they still have service life left. The aim of this type of servicing is to increase the service intervals, extend the use of serviceable components and ultimately save the owner time and money.

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