Now we're in December and surrounded by more Christmas than ever thanks to Covid-19 for encouraging the festive feeling a little early this year, it's easy to forget that the cold wintery months ahead can leave your car struggling to cope. The last thing you need to end this year with is unnecessary and unexpected car repairs, so here are some top tips on looking after your car in the cold.

Think before you park

In cold temperatures, it is always best if possible to park under cover where your car can stay as dry and warm as it can. If you have space under a carport or in a garage, these are ideal options. If you have neither of these options, an alternative is parking in the lee of your house or beside a tall hedge. Making a change as simple as where you park can avoid the risk of your car not starting in the morning. Not to mention you'll also spend less time ice-scraping in the morning before you set off as a result.

Clean it

Filth from the roads doesn't just come from long trips on the motorway. Day to day outings in your car can make it just as mucky, so ensuring your car is clear of wintry dirt will help to avoid any repairs needed due to corrosion and rust. If you don't like doing the work with a bucket and sponge yourself, take it to a hand carwash... there's plenty to choose from in Beverley.

Get a free winter vehicle check with Beverley Motor Works

In preparation for the winter months, both new and existing customers should take advantage of our free seasonal vehicle checks and ensure your vehicle won't let you down this season.

There's no catch - we just want to give you the opportunity to experience our outstanding customer service and expert technicians that you're missing out on.

Simply book online or call 01482 429350 and our team will carry out a thorough check of your vehicle and advise of anything you need to address.

Merry Christmas from the team at Beverley Motor Works, and safe driving this winter!

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