It was confirmed last week by the Department for Transport that E10 petrol will be introduced at UK fuel stations across the UK from September 2021.

E10 petrol contains up to 10 per cent ethanol and is a more eco-friendly type of petrol, and will become the default form of petrol with the aim of tackling climate change and helping to reduce CO2 emissions by 750,000 tonnes a year. This is the equivalent of taking 350,000 cars off the road.

This means around 700,000 cars such as older vehicles registered prior to 2002 will be unable to run on the new E10 fuel, but E5 fuel will continue to be available to purchase at most filling stations in 'super' grade. 

The switch to E10 fuel will not affect the vast majority of drivers in the UK, but the Department for Transport has developed an online E10 compatibility checker and published guidance for motorists to check.

Cars registered prior to 2002 have been warned not to use E10 fuel due to the danger to seals, plastics and metals that may become damaged by its corrosive properties if used exclusively over longer periods. If the message is ignored, it could lead to a hefty repair cost. 

Find out more about what the new E10 petrol will mean for you, and use the government's E10 compatibility checker to confirm whether your vehicle is compatible with E10 fuel here. The compatibility checker covers cars, motorbikes and mopeds.

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