Need electrical repairs on your vehicle? Our fully qualified level 4 BMW and MINI specialist mechanics can carry out routine electrical works on vehicles, such as diagnosing electrical repairs, installing components, and electrical maintenance.

Growing ever more popular, the market for electric cars has never been in a better shape, but their electrical wiring and other components need testing routinely. This is to ensure everything is working as it should and that there is no danger for drivers on the roads.

Using the latest technology and diagnostic equipment, Beverley Motor Works can repair and replace broken electrics, run a diagnostics check to test whether a fuse has blown, or see whether there is a deeper, underlying issue with your vehicle. 

Our team can check for and prevent other electrical faults to do with the wiper motor, electric windows, heaters, seat warmers, radio and speakers, lighting issues, all of which can be fixed with our independent electrical services.

By booking an independent electrical vehicle service in Beverley with us, we will give you our dealership-standard expertise and customer service without a hefty price tag that you may find at a main dealership. Book today by calling Beverley Motor Works on 01482 881128 or book online

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