According to a recent survey, drivers spent on average more than an entire day stuck in traffic last year. Whilst the average costs were approximately £1,168, there were also indirect costs associated with this inconvenience.

The direct result being both wasted fuel and time, and the indirect cost being the knock-on effect of ever increasing freighting fees on household goods – a cost passed on to all of us.

So how to reduce the amount of time you spend stuck in traffic?

One option is to consider “car sharing”, whether that be with family members, friends or work colleagues. You could also find other commuters who want to share lifts using websites like It’s a great way to not only reduce the sheer volume of vehicles on the road, but you’ll likely save time and money in the long-run too.

Listen to local radio & news before making your journey can help you to avoid already congested areas.

Using your sat nav – no matter how well you know the route -  as most systems have traffic-flow monitoring built in, meaning they will suggest alternative routes for you to take.

Learn several routes to reach your destination, so you can quickly choose an alternative if your normal one is congested. Whether that’s a route to work, the shops or school to pick the kids up – it pays to have some alternatives in your back pocket so to speak.

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