There's plenty changing in the world of motoring this year; our experts have rounded up the ones likely to affect you and your fellow drivers.

New diesel vehicles will pay a higher Vehicle Excise Duty (VED)

From the beginning of April, the Government will be introducing a tax rise for new diesel vehicles that don't comply with Euro 6 engine requirements.

At present, there are no diesel vehicles that meet this standard, so unless manufacturers full their fingers out pretty quickly it looks set that all drivers registering a new diesel car will have to pay this.

More vehicles will be exempt from MOTs

The Department of Transport has issued new regulations that mean cars which are 40 years old or older won't be required to undergo MOT testing. 

Our advice?

If you're driving an old car pretty regularly it's probably best for you to still voluntarily put your vehicle through it's MOT - it'll ensure the safety of you and other road users.

This new regulation will come into form from 20th May 2018, and the DoT estimates that around half a million older cars will be affected.

Learner drivers will be allowed on motorways

Up until this year, learner drivers were not permitted to drive on motorways until they had passed their full test, but this new law will allow learner drivers in England, Scotland and Wales to drive on motorways with an approved instructor in a car fitted with dual controls.

We're still waiting for the DVSA to confirm the exact date that this will come into play this year.

Changes to the UK driving test

Technically the changes to the UK driving test came into play in December 2017, but these will affect all learner drivers this year, so we've included it in our round-up.

Read more about what the changes will involve in our blog post here.

Watch out for smart motorway rules

Coming into force this March, smart motorway rules on parts of the M1, M4, M6, M25, M42 and M62 will be enforced, meaning drivers could face up to a £100 fine and penalty points if they ignore the red 'X' signs.

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