Sunny days are the perfect opportunity to get out in your car, here’s how to prepare your car for a hot day out.

Perform basic checks

Complete some basic checks before you set off on your journey such as the engine’s oil level, coolant and screenwash levels.

You should also check your tyre pressure and tread, along with making sure you have enough fuel for you to make your journey. Did you know that running out of fuel is one of the most common causes of motorway breakdowns – so don’t get caught short.

Plan your route

It’s a good idea to check your route especially if it’s a weekend or bank holiday when there’s likely to be more cars on the road.

Use a route planner such as the AA’s, or the Maps app on your phone. Tune into the local travel updates on your local radio station too, as they could help you avoid getting stuck in traffic.

Time it wisely

Avoid travelling on Sunday evenings before the start of a new school term, a time that is notorious for bad traffic on the roads. Likewise, avoiding rush hour is advisable to ensure you keep moving.

Take regular breaks

If you’re travelling for more than a couple of hours you should plan some refreshment breaks, to ensure you stay properly hydrated and comfortable on your journey. Whilst these stops won’t add much on to you overall journey time, they will help you stay focused throughout.

Other tips include keep a supply of cool air regulating throughout the car to help you stay comfortable and alert and use your sun visor and sunglasses to help with windscreen glare.

To ensure your car is properly prepared for the summer months, why not book in for a FREE seasonal vehicle check with Beverley Motor Works.

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