With the school holidays upon us, money is probably tight for lots of families right now. But it’s possible to cut some of your motoring costs – just follow my money saving tips.

1. Get cashback on fuel

Definitely the most expensive motoring cost – the price of fuel seems to do nothing but increase. But you can earn a little back on every fuel purchase with a cashback-card. Try American Express or Tesco’s card, and for more information visit the Money Saving Expert site.

2. Buy economical tyres

You might think buying the cheapest tyres is a sure-fire way to save yourself some pennies, it’s not always the most cost-effective option in the long run.

Cheaper tyres don’t perform as well as more expensive tyres, with increased stopping distances and a negative impact on your fuel economy some of the pitfalls.

Look for the tyre’s EU tyre label, which indicates the fuel efficiency of the tyre. An ‘A’ rated tyre has ‘low rolling resistance’ which means they are more economical.  

In the long run choosing more economical tyres could save you around £50 a year on your fuel bill.

3. Don’t bother with premium fuel

You’ve probably seen the ‘premium’ fuels when filling up at the petrol station. Whilst retailers claim these fuels offer performance and economy advantages, whilst cleaning and protecting your engine, in reality you’re unlikely to see any difference.

Unless you drive a performance vehicle, the changes will be minuscule, so stick to the normal fuels.

4. No need to press the gas when starting up

In the olden days you needed a little gas to get the car running, but modern-day cars have engine electronics which regulate the starting procedure. For this reason there’s no need to press the accelerator when starting the car – save you fuel and cut the risk of damage to your engine by avoiding it.


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