There are some things we believe you should always have in your car, both for big road trips or just long drives. Make sure you have the thing for every eventuality including maintenance and repair, comfort and convenience, safety and legal documents.

Fuel can

An empty fuel can be a lifesaver if you happen to run out of fuel - meaning you can get to your closest petrol station to fill up.

Spare tyre

Lots of cars are now sold without a spare wheel, so a spare tyre is a good compromise - just make sure you know how to change it.

Duct tape

With so many uses - from taping up a smashed window to temporarily mending a broken door handle - it pays to have a roll of the sticky stuff in your boot just in case.


Especially now the weather is getting cooler, it's important to carry a jacket in your car in case you break down and have to leave the vehicle.


Keeping some store cupboard snacks in your glovebox could be a lifesaver if you breakdown and face a long wait.

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