Our cars are certainly something we take for granted on a daily basis - follow our top tips for taking care of your vehicle this winter.

Keep your car clean

Lots of people think there’s little point keeping your car clean in the winter months, but it’s important you have it cleaned regularly.

Regularly washing your car can help you avoid corrosion and rust. If you don’t fancy cleaning it yourself there are plenty of car washes in Beverley and the surrounding area to choose from.

Be picky about where you park

Trying to park your car under cover where it’s warm and dry, such as in a garage or under a carport will help not only reduce the time you spend de-icing your car in a morning, but will also help reduce the risk your car may not start.

If you don’t have a garage or a carport, park in the lee of your house or next to a tall hedge. Both will give some added protection to your car.

Keep an emergency kit in the car

There’s few things worse for motorists than breaking down int he winter, so make sure you have some essentials in your car in case you do. A blanket, some snacks, a first aid kit and a book will all feel like saviours whilst you wait for the tow truck to turn up.

Keep the inside clean

Journeys take a little longer in the winter thanks to icy conditions, so ensure your car is as comfortable as possible by keeping the inside clean and tidy. Wipe down the dashboard regularly and dispose of any rubbish regularly.

Get a free winter vehicle check

Here at Beverley Motor Works we understand the importance of keeping your car in top working order all year round, which is why every year we offer free vehicle checks for both new and existing customers.

There's no catch - simply book online or call 01482 429350 - and our team will carry out a thorough check of your vehicle and advise of anything you need to address.

And remember, drive safely this winter!

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