When it comes to car insurance it certainly pays to shop around. Follow our top tips for securing the best insurance deal that will ensure you’re covered, without being left out of pocket.

Secure your vehicle

Keeping your car on your drive will notably bring your car insurance premium down compared to keeping your vehicle on the road. If you have a garage, even better - store it there to keep the price to a minimum. The safer your vehicle, the cheaper your premium.

Go one step further by increasing the security of your car - tracking devices and immobilisers both help to reduce car insurance costs.

Consider your driving

Driving sensibly is one of the best ways to ensure your car insurance is as cheap as possible. This includes driving to the speed limit to avoid speeding tickets, which are likely to increase your premium.

Reducing the mileage you do annually can also help to keep your premiums down. Could you consider walking or taking public transport for some journeys to help bring the cost down?

Check the policy benefits

Whilst it’s great to secure a low price for your car insurance, many insurers offer extra benefits to add value to their policies. Check if these will be useful to you, as they could save you further money. Some typical benefits insurance companies offer include:

  • Courtesy car should yours need repairs
  • European driving cover
  • Recovering uninsured losses

And don’t forget - always check the compulsory excess before accepting a car insurance quote. Some cheap insurance deals come with huge excesses, which could make your cheap insurance not so cheap after all in the event of a claim.

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