With summer's heat still in full swing this year it’s the perfect weather for a nice day out, but your car still needs TLC in these record-breaking temperatures. The heat of summer can affect everything, including your car, so here are some top tips and reminders for preparing your car for those hot days.

Plan your route in advance

There’s nothing worse than being stuck in gridlock on a lovely hot day so make sure to look at all possible routes you could take to avoid hitting peak traffic. There are many apps available for your smartphones now that will make your life easier when it comes to planning your route. Check out the AA travel road map, Google Maps, and tune in to local radio stations for updates on the roads. 

Check oil and other fluids

Car liquids are essential and constantly in use, so check your oil, brake fluid, power-steering fluid and even screenwash fluids are at appropriate levels and don’t need attention. 

Check tyre pressure

More checks! Tyres should be checked all year round but if your tyre pressure and tread aren’t up to scratch you could be driving with an increased risk of accident - not a good start to the summer. 

Here’s a (not so) fun fact: running out of fuel is one of the most common causes of motorway breakdowns - so make sure you have enough fuel so you don’t get caught out!.

Take breaks

If it’s a bank holiday you’ll want to allow for extra time on your journey, and if it’s a long drive make sure to stop off at service stations to allow your engine a break from the heat. Make sure everyone stays hydrated, 

Water and electrics

With hot temperatures looming, you’ll be carrying water or fizzy drinks to have on the car journey. If you’re travelling with young children make sure they don’t throw the liquids in the car as water and electrics are not two peas in a pod. Any spilled water around the electrics and dials can cause damage.

Be prepared if you break down

While you may prepare more for a winter emergency, break downs still happen during the summer and you should know what to do if one happens on your journey. Carry an emergency kit in your boot that should 

To ensure your car is well and truly prepared for driving in the heat this summer, why not book in for a FREE seasonal vehicle check with Beverley Motor Works. Give us a call on 01482 429350, or email us at sayhello@beverleymotorworks.co.uk for more information.

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