The cold weather can be very unpredictable; it can wreak havoc on your vehicle and increase the risk of breakdowns and incidents on the roads in these conditions. Here are some measures you can take to look after your vehicle in the cold winter months. 

Get your car serviced

Check whether your vehicle is due an upcoming service, and make the most of the free seasonal vehicle checks we offer at Beverley Motor Works. Many problems with vehicles are enhanced by cold weather, however around half of the problems reported during repairs and services can be avoided by scheduling in general servicing, regular checks and good maintenance checks.

Keep your vehicle clean

Keeping your vehicle clean of the muck and dirt that comes with the winter will help you to avoid unnecessary corrosion and rust. If you don’t have much time and want a cost-friendly method, take your vehicle to a hand carwash - there are plenty to choose from in Beverley.

Park wisely

If it is possible, always try to park your vehicle under cover where it's dry and warm, such as under a carport or in a garage. However, if you don't have either of these then you could park in the lee of your house or beside a tall hedge. Both spots will help to protect your vehicle from the cold weather, and in the winter months, ice! It’s one way to spend less time de-icing in a morning that’s for sure.

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