On top of the year we've all had dealing with the effects of the Coronavirus, the last thing we need this festive season is additional problems with our cars and the costs that come if repairs are needed. Bad conditions, accidents, and breakdowns are all the more common in the winter, especially when the roads are heavily affected by the weather, they will make driving extra challenging this season.

Here are some winter driving tips to prevent issues and accidents on the road.

Plan your trip

If you're going away this winter and will be driving for a long time, make sure you know the route you're taking. It will not only help you prepare for any potential delays and avoid roadworks, but will give you a sense of surroundings if it becomes dark and the weather changes.

Pay attention to warning lights on your dashboard

No matter how long you leave it, a warning light such as the brake system alert or airbag warning probably means that you’re going to have to visit the garage at some point, but biting the bullet sooner rather than later will save you money, inconvenience and, in cases on the winter roads, even your life. 

Get a free winter car check

We understand the importance of keeping your car in top working order over the winter season, which is why every year we offer free vehicle checks for both new and existing customers. Call 01482 881128 to book your free safety check today.

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